Caregiver Heroes



Who should listen, watch, and learn?

  • Everyone in healthcare that has the privilege of serving patients, residents, and their families
  • This includes those who have direct patient contact, and those who serve those who serve the patient


Timely, Relevant Educational Content

Our brilliant faculty of acclaimed volunteer speakers have recorded two series of Micro-Webinars with a positive, uplifting message of hope and support in a concise five-minute video

We honor the heroism of caregivers, nurses, physicians, RTs, housekeepers, and first responders at every level of healthcare. They care for our families and friends with exceptional skill, kindness, personal sacrifice, and generosity of spirit for the good of our community.

Caregiver Heroes - Leadership

  • Improve kindness care for patients and residents, peer care for each other, and self care for themselves

Caregiver Heroes - Inspiration

  • Nuggets of wisdom of better ways managers, supervisor and C-Suite professionals can provide practical, inspirational leadership on a daily basis


Learn How To

  • Develop a positive proactive attitude in both their professional and personal lives
  • Overcome adversity and achieve a sense of resiliency
  • Acquire dozens of practical tips and skills to serve their patients and collaborate with their peers
  • Find greater joy in life through enhanced sense of humor in the workplace
  • Implement best in class leadership skills to empower and engage



  • Steven Armstrong - Let's Listen
  • Kathy Dempsey - Know Your Limits
  • Tim Durkin - Viva Leadership Model
  • Marcus Engel - Staying Present While Distancing
  • Marcus Engel - Kindness Care with Colleagues
  • Scott Friedman - Turn On Your GPS
  • Richard Hadden - Leadership in Times of Crisis
  • Brian Lee - Be a Storyteller
  • Marilyn Suttle - Subtle Shifts for Strong Leadership
  • Jody Urquhart - Leading in Uncertainty


  • Donna Cardillo - Creating Light in the Midst of Darkness
  • Donna Cutting - The Power of Checking In
  • Linda Edgecombe - Do You Want to Be Happy?
  • Barbara Glanz - Simple Truths about Appreciation
  • Carolyn Gross - Rise Above the Chaos
  • Michael Hoffman - Love Louder
  • Shep Hyken - How to be Amazing
  • Alvin Law - E +/-R = 0
  • Peter Legge - Hopegivers
  • Sarah McVanel - Never Lose the Recognition Momentum
  • Vince Poscente - The Emotional Buzz
  • Naomi Rhode - You Are Our Heroes
  • Marilyn Suttle - Lift Up Your Spirits

Patient Experience

  • Mark Black - Through Your Patients' Eyes
  • Barbara Glanz - Making a Difference in Every Interaction
  • Dr. Michael Klein - Walking the Talk
  • Brian Lee - Relationships First - Business Second
  • Brian Lee - The Kindness Cure
  • Pam Tripp - Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch

Self Care

  • Jennifer Buchanan - Purposeful Playlists
  • Christine Cashen - Sanity Savers
  • Pat Goodberry - When Grief is part of our Journey
  • Pat Goodberry - Intentional Listening Through Grief
  • David Irvine - The Paradox of Self Care
  • Karen Jacobsen - Listen to Your Inner GPS
  • Frank King - Take the Pledge
  • Blair Kolkoski - Service, Self-Care and Contribution
  • Clint Maun - You Absolutely Matter
  • Karen McCullough - 4 Ways to Renew Your Energy
  • Wayne Pickering - The Miracle of You
  • Stephanie Staples - Emotional Wellness in Turbulent Times
  • Jerry Teplitz - Reducing your Stress and Sleeping Better
  • Joe Tye - Managing Anxiety & Inspiring Hope


Bill Auxier
Donna Cutting
David Gouthro
Frank King
Michele Matt
Eileen McDargh
Eileen McDargh
Dune Nguyen
Meg Soper
Lynn Sullivan
LeAnn Thieman
Jeff Tobe
Lt. CI. Waldo Waldman
The Leadership Formula
CARE Matters
Choose to Choose
Social Distancing and Staying Sane
Start Fresh Each Day
Resilience Skills for Caregiver Heroes
Resilient Leadership for Disruptive Times
Leadership through Adversity
Bolstering Resilience
The Choice Is Yours
How to Cope with Stress
Leading in Turbulent Times
Top Gun Resilience

Change / Conflict

  • Daniel Burrus - Anticipatory vs. Reactionary
  • Daniel Burrus - What will you be Remembered For?
  • Valerie Cade - Turning Conflict to Connection
  • Valerie Cade - Commitment to Conflict... Resolution
  • Vicki Hess - Professional Paradise in a Pandemic?
  • Karen Jacobsen - Recalculating/Pre-Calculating
  • Andrew Lewis - Quick Conflict Intervention Technique
  • Andrew Lewis - Conflict: When there's no time for it!
  • Michele Matt - Seek Comfort with Change
  • Joe Mull - Reset Expectations
  • Naomi Rhode - Masquerading


  • Kelley Dillon - Leaning into Emotions
  • Tony Esteves - Bring Some Play to Your Day
  • Robert Grossman - Conquer Your Key Moments
  • Donna Hartley - Fire Up Your Life: Raise Your Vibrational Energy
  • David Irvine - The Art of Caring Leadership
  • Dr. Willie Jolley - Tools for Tough Times
  • Darci Lang - Staying Positive in a Difficult Time
  • Darci Lang - Kind Leadership
  • Bruce Lee - One Word Can Make the Day
  • Stephen Tweed - Meaning and Value: Home Health Edition


  • Sheila Brune - The Power of Laughter
  • Catherin DeVrye - Hope Happens
  • Scott Friendman - The One Minute Humor Break
  • Michael Kerr - Putting Humor to Work
  • Patricia Morgan - Lighten Up

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